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Success Stories




His story:
Mohammed worked for 30 years in a clothes factory before being made redundant. He arrived at the centre in a state of anxiety due to his lack of qualifications and desire to continue providing for his family. With our support, he enrolled onto ESOL and IT courses. In addition, he regularly attended the Job Club to improve his employment prospects. Mohammed is now happily employed as a supervisor in a warehouse. We are pleased that Mohammed gained his qualifications and is back working again!
Mariyam Shabbir 
Her story:
Mariyam worked part-time as a volunteer with the women’s group after negative experiences at college. With encouragement and support from staff, she began learning again and completed courses in IT and maths. She also volunteered with the community radio station where she heard about vacancies with the police. She passed the application process with flying colours and is now happily employed as an apprentice Operations Support Officer with Greater Manchester Police. We are proud of Mariyam and of all she is achieving today!

His story


Piotr experienced difficulty in gaining employment due to language difficulties. With our support, he regularly attended ESOL classes, progressing to IT qualifications when he became more fluent. Staff encouraged him to complete the warehouse course and we are pleased to reveal he is now employed in the warehousing sector. We wish Piotr all the best for the future!

Previous success stories

JEAN AL-KESSERWANI  of ITC Centre nominated for  North West Region Outstanding Learner Award for the year 2007


His Story:

Jean came to this country as a refugee. When he came to the centre he was feeling very depressed and isolated. He did not know what to do to get back into learning to improve his job prospects. After extensive support with centre staff he made the decision to embark on an IT learning journey and enrolled on the ECDL course leading to the European Computer Driving License qualification.

Initially he found the course difficult but persevered with his learning supported by staff . He had many problems back in his home country, which affected his day-to-day learning pattern. It came to a point when his problems grew to such an extent that he was about to quit the courses. Tutor support and his zeal to achieve and get somewhere got him back to learning and he started coming to the centre regularly. He passed the first modular test which motivated him to work harder. He achieved the full ECDL qualification in record 10 weeks.

Achievement of ECDL has now motivated him to look in a more positive way to day-to–day living and help him to put aside his problems back home. He is now a more positive person and he is planning to go to college to get further qualifications. He has expressed an interest in doing a course in computer networking.


JOY REISING  of ITC Centre  won the North West Region Outstanding Learner Highly Recommended up Award for the year 2010


Her Story:


Joy was not able to complete her schooling due to being bullied at school to such an extent that she had to leave at the age of 15. Since then she has done several jobs. Her latest job was at Sainsbury’s which she had to leave due to her becoming ill with manic depression. Once she left the job, she decided to address her skills shortages. She was introduced to learn direct as a flexible learning programme and where her mental illness will not be in the way, she would not have to face being in a class situation or in a school and undergo peer pressure or suffer any bullying. Joy also had the responsibility of caring for her sick mother who had brain tumour awaiting for an operation. Joy’s own personal health problems, her mother’s ill health, returning to learning after a long period of time, presented a big challenge to her goal.


Joy started with the literacy qualification to improve her grammar skills. She scored 40/40 in her first literacy level 1 test in this centre. She gained a lot of confidence and it acted as a turning point for her. She had never taken any such test in her life due to which she lacked confidence in herself and had the fear of failure. She feels very confident and enjoys her online learning experience. To date she has achieve level 1, 2 in literacy and level 1 in Numeracy and is working towards level 2 in Numeracy. Her success has improved her confidence and she feels much better health wise day-by-day.


In future, she is planning to take level 3 in literacy, which she hope will help her to achieve her long term ambition of becoming a writer.


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