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About Us


Impact Training has worked very closely within the community and have gained extensive experience of working in North Manchester area and have delivered community based training and development activity since 2001. Impact understands the challenges faced in creating appropriate learning opportunities for a culturally, and socio-economically diverse community where no qualifications and poor basic skills, including language, are the key factors influencing high levels of unemployment


We have a multi-lingual / multi-cultural team which engages directly with different linguistic and cultural groups in their locality or at group support events. Our Outreach workers have become trusted intermediaries and provide information on our Adult Skills delivery in an accessible format. This includes informal chats, taster activities embedded into a group’s other activities and formal presentations. Individuals and groups are introduced to Impact Training by the outreach worker and attend open days or short workshops as an introduction to the start of their learning journey


Impact Training amongst many other services provides qualifications in ICT, ESOL and Basic Skills training to the local residents, individuals and businesses. Impact Training works with the following clients:


            •           Ethnic minority communities 

            •           People with basic skills and ESOL needs

            •           Unemployed people

            •           People with disabilities

            •           Local voluntary organisations

            •           Small Business Enterprises( SMEs)

            •           Learners without a qualification

            •           Learners looking to get a step on the ICT ladder

            •           Supporting adults to access Maths and English

            •           Adults returning to education


                                                  Our Aspirations


Impact Training wishes to become a destination of choice demonstrating the following elements:

  • Learners achieve high levels of success in terms of qualification achievement, destinations and value added
  • Teaching will be inspirational
  •  Learners will leave Impact Training with high aspirations and transferable skills which prepare them for their future
  • Impact Training will have an excellent reputation in terms of both the quality of its work and its customer service
  • High levels of satisfaction will be reported by both learners and staff 
  •  Impact Training will maintain a robust financial position
  • Excellent facilities will be in place for its learners
  • Impact Training will partner the local community and take a leading role in meetings skills needs and supporting economic growth and regeneration
  • Learners will aspire to come to Impact Training
  • Impact Training will provide local employers with job ready employees via a recruitment and training agency approach



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