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Community Events

Charity evening at AWAAZ


Awaaz teamed up with SKT welfare to organise a charity event  on Friday 13th May for the benefit of the Syrian refugees. The campaign for collecting items of food went on for a month culminating with an evening of entertainment and thanks for all the students and volunteers of AWAAZ who got involved.


Student volunteer donating food items


learner.jpgThe event promoted the team working between the students, local artists,  local businesses Awaaz community radio and staff at AWAAZ for the Syrian refugees and local politicians to work together for a noble and good cause. We collected about £10,000 worth of goods destined for


Syrian Refugees


Local MEP talked about his moving experience of visiting the refugee camps as part of the European delegation. Local singers performed at the event free of charge

A student from Syria on our ESOL Learn direct course talked about his personal experience Event was broadcasted on Geo television news one of the major TV channel for Asian living in Uk.

Dr Mohammed Iqbal president of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons foundation visited ITC Centre to support the campaign. Display of items collected - first week of campaign


Learner speech about her involvement with the campaign

MEP and former Lord Mayor Afzal Khan and local councillor Naeem Ul - Hassan

Learndirect Learner from Syria talking about the refugee crisis.


Awaaz Learners certificate ceremony

Afzal Khan MEP from Manchester delivered a moving speech about his visit to a refugee camp in Syria

Local singer Usman Farooqi